Competition and training thoughts.

Race season is creeping up on me.  Registrations for races are opening, training camps are popping up and Facebook is full of people making their statements of hard work.  When I started racing in 2007, I raced beginner, but knew women who raced elite.  Maybe it’s just my perception, but I think over the years, the women’s field has become very competitive – in a friendly way.  It seems that everyone who I know moved up bit by bit and are now training to compete against national pros, including myself.

I am competitive, but I can’t say that I ever lined up at a race and hoped for someone to lose.  For me, races are personal. I want to prove to myself that I can do it.  I’ve been disappointed in races that I didn’t perform my best, but I never was angry that another girl won.  She earned it and that was her day.  She worked hard and came through as the stronger rider.

I’m really looking forward to this season because it will be a tough one. The women are stronger, there are more of them in the field, and everyone has the same drive as I do. They will be busting it out for every race.  I must say I am so excited to line up next to these chicks, race and have fun together.

I’m not as lucky to live in southern Pennsylvania, where it seems there are a lot more people who are able to train together. It looks like they’re incorporating long weekend rides with minimal snow/ice.  I’m here – feeling alone – sitting on my trainer while watching TV.

It's ice country!!
It’s ice country!!

My experiment for this month will be my very own training camp.  This camp will include three days of riding.  I can’t attend a training camp at Rothrock State Forest, so I have set my sights on doing just as much riding here at home.  THAT blog will be a more interesting one.  I’m hoping that my mountain bike will be done by then and the weather cooperates. If so, my personal training camp will be a go and many miles will be ridden!I hope training is going well for everyone, and – if you’re not training – I hope everyone is getting out and enjoying the outdoors!

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