2013 Toasted Head Racing

I have been wanting to write this for the past 5 days but with our internet being screwy, it was not possible.

As some of you may have read last weeks post, it was a great weekend in Manayunk.  The weekend was topped off with our team meeting for the upcoming season at the very modern Cadence Cycling and Mutisport shop.  I feel like I can’t even call it a “shop” as they offer some high tech performance services, mechanical services and more.

I love being a part of a team.  It’s great to have everyone be supportive, see each other at races and create new friendships.  This year, I was asked to be a part of Toasted Head Race Team.  It didn’t take much thought to say, YES! After talking to Steven, one of the managers of the team, I knew that him and the other fella’s were trying to make this team be known and support the racers.  The team is sponsored by Toasted Head Wine which is based out of Yolo County in California (www.toastedhead.com).  Their wine is amazing if you have not already tried it!!

Toasted Head!
Toasted Head!

The team’s other sponsors include, Cadence Cycling and Multi Sport, Cannondale, Gaerne Shoes, Oakley, Infinit Nutrition, Back Country, VIE 13 and most recently, Osmo Nutrition.  Check out these products as they offer amazing prodcuts for athletes.  Teams are made of sponsors and their support is great and appreciated! The manager’s of the team really have organized everything and have made this team possible and I know we are all truly grateful.  I am very excited about this season and after meeting all of the cool people who will be a part of this team.  We will all be taking part in some NUE races, MASS races, Ultra CX Series and some crazies will do the Dirty Kanza!!! We will race, represent and have fun!!

The 2013 roster includes:

Men:                                                                                                      Women:
Steven Hecht (manager)           Mark Elsasser                               Cindy Copley
Daniel Rapp (manager)             Scott Green                                   Cati Scheifele
Jake Wade (manager)                Jamie Huber                                Jocelyn Linscott
Matt Morrison                             Shane Walters                              Erica Yozell
Geoff Butler
Zachary David Adams

Here’s to a future of a great season ahead (raise glass full of Toasted Head *clink clink clank* and drink)


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