What was I thinking??!!  Signing up for the 50 miler at the Michaux Trail Cup this weekend is weighing heavily on my mind.  Not only am I nervous that I am not physically ready but I am nervous about some of my gear.

At the end of last year, I told myself to save money to buy pedals, shoes, shorts and a few other miscellaneous items.  Did I do that? No.  Now, with a 50 mile race so early in the season and knowing my pedals are totally worn, my shoes hurt my feet, I’m a little nervous about being on the saddle for about 6 to 7 hours on Sunday.

My plan is to put yet another set of cleats on my shoes to help with me popping out of the eggbeaters (don’t go hating the eggbeaters, they have lasted me 2 years), and doubling the soul liner in my shoes.  I am hoping this will help as Michaux has rocks that come out of the ground and throw punches at the racers.

My rides have been good lately; a lot of climbing and physically feeling strong.  Hopefully, these nerves and doubts about my gear will turn into pure adrenaline this weekend so I can finish and possibly place.  Some strong girls have signed up in my field so it will be a tough one for sure.  Weather looks good, 77 and sunny so there will not (knocking on wood) be any mud!!

Good luck to all racers this weekend and to the non racers…enjoy the beautiful weather!!!

Ride on!

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