Get Out and Try It.

I get compliments from friends about how busy I am and how great it is that I do the stuff I do.  By stuff I mean mountain biking, running, playing basketball, skiing, yoga, snowboarding, snowshoeing, rock climbing and whatever else is presented to me.  I accept the compliment as it feels good to know that my energy is noticed.  It’s my decision to wake up each day and involve myself in them but it’s from my friends that these amazing things have been introduced.

My friends, past and present have introduced me to just about every activity that I do.  Past and present pals, exemplified health and positive attitudes that have kept me moving all of these years.  Sometimes I think, what if I didn’t work at Elk, what if I didn’t show up at Hubbard at the suggestion of a friend would I be this active still at the age of 30?  I doubt it.  Through working at Elk Mountain, biking with our Hubbard Bike Club, our friendship circle grew beyond what we could ever imagine.

I will often hear people say that they would like to do something and get moving but can’t seem to find what they like.  It’s walking out the door, trying something new, making a friend and repeating this until you find your niche.  Maybe you’ll meet ten new friends and try ten new activities that you will love.  Maybe you’ll meet ten new friends and love only one activity.  Either way, you’re out, you’re moving and you’re happy.  Enjoy!

Ride on (or whatever it is that you now love to do)

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